Leó Ólafsson - Ísbrjótur


Leó Ólafsson - The Icebreaker




Leó Ólafsson is an Icelandic bartender, waiter and he is also a part of the committee of the Bartending Club of Iceland (BCI).
He has gained a lot of experience in the bartending environment in Iceland and is always exploring new things to expand his wisdom in his craft.

He has been using our syrups in competition making us extremely proud each time. 
We have followed him for a while and we think everyone can see it, that he is a rising star.


His great success in bartending competitions:

# Birkir og björk Cocktail competition - 1st. Place - 2014
# Mattoni world championship in non-alcaholic cocktails - 8th. place out of 35 - 2014
# Hot toddie competition 5th. place - 2014
# 5th. place in BCI - Icelandic cocktail championship by IBA rules - 2014
# Finals in Black death cocktail competition - 2015 
# 5th place in Grand mariner Margarita competition - 2015
# IBA European Training Center 2015, Estonia

  • Shared first place in a Monin competition
  • 1st place for the most promising student
  • 1st place for the team competition
  • Eagle award

# 1st place Jim beam whiskey sour competition 2015
# 1st place Word class Iceland Grand marnier competition 2016


His input to the World Class competition

 Mindful drinking - The Mist of Autumn