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Icelandic flaky sea salt from Nordur & Co in Westfjord blended with liquorish root. Very good in confectionery and to sprinkle over sweet desserts or salad. Use your imagination.

Netto: 70gr - Brutto: 100gr


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Weight 100 gr.
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The salt - Norðursalt 

Norður Salt is made by a traditional Icelandic/Danish method dating back to 1753 that was practised in the same place they make Norður Salt today. 
The traditional method and the location of our salt is what they believe to be the ideal conditions to make flaky sea salt. 

Norður &Co's salt production is about combining two forces of nature; geothermal energy and the Arctic Ocean. 

The salt production facility is in Karlsey, Reykhólar, they use both geothermal water directly from the geothermal wells at Reykhólar as well as geothermal exhaust water from their neighbours, Thorverk, who collect and dry seaweed.