Herbal salt
30ml Rhubarb salt

30ml Rhubarb salt

Reference URTA-SAL48

Marinated in organic Rhubarb sap, Angelica seed and dry organic Rhubarb, and Crowberry sap. The tart taste of rhubarb and the sweet bitter taste of Angelica goes well on various dishes, though especially good on fish dishes.


  • Icelandic Flaky Sea Salt
  • Organic Rhubarb
  • Organic Crowberry sap
  • Angelica Seeds

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Our Icelandic nature


In Iceland grows endless unique herbs that have for many years been used as various remedies. We use over 70 types of herbs and berries in our production. Our pickers are from all around Iceland and most of them have been working with us since we started our business and have been growing with us. We pay well for our herbs and that shows in the quality of our products. The herbs are handpicked and then dried. We store them whole and in good air condition so their freshness stays longer. 

We usually do not put longer expire date on our products than 18 months, that does not mean that the herbs are not good anymore, only that it is not still in the high quality range. If you keep your unused tea in dry storage, the tea can last much longer than 18 months.






The salt - Norðursalt 

Norður Salt is made by a traditional Icelandic/Danish method dating back to 1753 that was practised in the same place they make Norður Salt today. 
The traditional method and the location of our salt is what they believe to be the ideal conditions to make flaky sea salt. 

Norður &Co's salt production is about combining two forces of nature; geothermal energy and the Arctic Ocean. 

The salt production facility is in Karlsey, Reykhólar, they use both geothermal water directly from the geothermal wells at Reykhólar as well as geothermal exhaust water from their neighbours, Thorverk, who collect and dry seaweed.