Wild berry syrup four 4x30ml

Wild berry syrup four 4x30ml

Reference URTA-SYR12

Assortment of four delicious Wild berry syrups packed beautifully in eco friendly Naturflex Cellophane bags.

Very popular as hostess gifts and sweethearts gifts. 

The flavors of the berries play amazingly with various cheeses or as a topping on game. These syrups are very often used by the #Urtafamily on fresh salads to sweeten it up. They are also delicious in our Herbal tea's or on top of desserts such as Ice cream or cheesecakes.

Make delicious unique cocktails with these delicious syrups :)

Each jar contains 30ml of delicious syrup

Store in a dark and dry place at room temperature.

Herbal syrup can crystallize like honey. If it happens you can put it on hot place for a while and it is fine.. If this happens, you can put the syrup in hot place for a while and it transforms back to its regular state.

Net Weight: 160g - Net Volume: 4 fl oz/ 120ml. - Gross Weight: 360g

Weight 380 gr.
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