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Urta Islandica viewed as an art project

In cooperation with the Center of Visual Arts in Akureyri  Urta Islandica  installed an exhibition in Ketilhus Akureyri august - sept 2014. The exhibition was installed as a workshop experimenting with herb distillation and dying Icelandic wool with various herbs and berries.

The food product was installed as a shop, our small art collection from Icelandic contemporary artist was shown with drawing and other artifacts made by the workers in the company but many of them hafe artist background.  Urta Islandica’s transparent production and marketing procedure was installed as a sensory performance and two of Urta Islandica team was there the whole exhibition time interacting with the visitors and brainstorming new ideas in our production. The exhibition was a great success for Urta Islandica and a good opportunity to connect with lot of interesting people from Iceland and all over the world, but it is lot of tourist in Akureyri at that time of year.

We really would like to make some Icelandic essential oils, some textile and some bath product in the future to widen our production line which now is entirely based on food products.