Non-Alcohol cocktail!


New movement under BCI is having a non-alcoholic competition at a new place in downtown Reykjavik named Tívoli Bar, 21 of mars from 20:00 pm to 01:00 am.
It is sponsored by Urta Islandica ehf and Rolf Johansen Company where we will be focusing on Urtas syrups,salts,jams and teas also RJC sparkling water named Klaki.

You will have to make 3 of the same cocktails behind the bar two which will go to the jury while one will go to the crowd. The crowd is free to ask you questions.
You need to use at least 5cl - 10cl of klaki sparkling water which you will get on the spot.
Use at least one of the products from, You can check it out on their website and also order it for your restaurant/bar through their phonenumber 565 0447. (You can infuse)

Max 40 competitors, first to send in their recipe will earn their spot in the competition " First comes First gets"

We will have shakers and bartending tools down at Tívolí Bar.
Send a message to Frans Magnússon for more information.


We will be judging by look, smell and taste.
There are two jury tables and you will have to introduce your self to ether of the tables and explain shortly about your cocktail. Points are given for that as well.

Each cocktail is pictured and you can do your decoration before or at home and bring it.

Judges will be announced on the spot.

Prizes :
Everybody will get a participant reward and Prizes will go to the top 3.
First prize is a 50.000kr gift certificate for flight ticket from Urta Islandica.

After we have announced the winners there will be dj playing til closing and good offers at the bar.